Muscle Dominator Sula-4 Super Carb+

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  • Fast source of calories and energy for bodybuilders, weight trainers and athletes who want to avoid fatigue during intense or competitive performance. It raises serum insulin levels quickly and offers quick bursts of energy.
  • Item WeiConsuming maltodextrin decreases net glycogen breakdown during long-duration exercise and helps reduce fatigue and support performance ability.ght : 3 Kg
  • BraA high-calorie source, a boost for all those who struggle to consume the number of calories needed for successful bulking and enable them for successful weight management.nd : Muscle Dominator
  • Combination of maltodextrin with protein can promote enhanced glycogen recovery and stimulated muscle protein synthesis, help improve muscle strength, muscle power and sports performance.
  • Free from any doping ingredients as per NADA / WADA
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Muscle Dominator Sula-4 Series | Super Carb + | Powerful Carb Complex | Chocolate Flavour | 3 Kg (6.6 lb) | Carbohydrates for Weight Gain | High Energy

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Weight 3 kg


Muscle Dominator


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